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Recent Developments

May 2013

I’ve spent the past few months working on a few new projects, trying my hand a different formats that I’ve never tried before: web series, pod cast radio dramas, and even a video game. Most of that is still in pre-production, but I’ll try to have samples once the projects are officially off the ground.

I’ve also been working on gathering trailers and samples from my recent works, compiling them in my Project Gallery. That should be expanding in the next week or so. For now, be sure to check out Noise Maker, a short film I made with filmmakers Carol Chaves and Rui Gao. It certainly was great fun with that particular project.

August 2012

I just wrapped up a few projects in the past semester and uploaded the results to my Selected Works section. “Estrange” is a piece based on an old draft of a score for the dance “Assise” by Terrynan Davis – appearing my concert “Never Odd or Even” from May of last year. Never one to throw anything away, I’ve reworked the draft into it’s own piece.  Most notable of the changes is the addition of a cello, played by the wonderful Cara Stroud.

Also I’ve just wrapped up a setting of three poems by Kimberly Williams, a writer at Cornell University. I take a similar approach to my work on “Jabberwocky”, relying on electroacoustics to augment a straightforward spoken-word delivery. Be sure to check out the poems in the Selected Works section, as well as some more details on the collaboration outlined in the Current Projects section. Hopefully, they’ll be more to come in this particular style.

December 2011

Sorry for the great delay. I’ve mostly been focused on the thesis essay portion of my work, so I haven’t had too many new works in store. Of significant note, I’ve recently finished a piece for the Sound Art concert with guest artist Ivo Bol from the Netherlands. The performance was a debut for a number of sound art works, installations, and devices, and I debuted my own work Jabberwocky for narration and interactive media. Be sure to check out the live performance footage in my Project Gallery as well as a studio recording done as a proof of concept.

I’ve also gotten around to updating the Project Gallery with a number of videos from past works, including a sample of works from my concert Never Odd or Even composed in collaboration with choreographer Terrynan Davis. I also have a number of other dance pieces in an earlier concert entitled Trial and Air.

I also have a video of one of the debut performances of Tikbalang, performed by the talented Jeremiah Stones on bass trombone. Hopefully, we’ll have a proper studio recording together in the coming months.

May 2011

I’m proud to say that “Never Odd or Even” was a great success. The concert was marked with a wide variety of pieces and techniques: theatrical works, live electronics, even a few film scores. Thanks again to my wonderful performers: jazz vocalist Stephanie Allen and fellow composer/musician Ryan Pivovar. And of course, to the wonderful Terrynan Davis for all of her marvelous choreography and splendid work. I’ll have audio samples up shortly, and video footage from the concert is currently in the works.

December 2010

This past year was filled with wonderful dance and amazing collaborators. While taking the “Composer / Choreographer Collaboration” course under the tutelage of the amazing Claudia Howard Queen, I’ve come to work with some truly fabulous choreographers on some unique collaborative projects. Our class concert, “Trial and Air” was a great success that showcased what three choreographers and three composers could acheive together in a single semester. Moreover, my work with the talented Terrynan Davis has developed into a future large scale work. Look for our collaborative concert, “Never Odd or Even”, in May 2011. Once more, it’s been a pleasure working with these wonderful women, and I’ll have footage and recordings to display our accomplishments shortly.

June 2010

Perhaps my biggest performance yet, my work will be performed in South Korea this month! Inside the Box for piano and fixed media will be performed in the tour “UNT in South Korea”. Works by UNT composers will be performed by UNT piano faculty members at Konbuk University and Baeseok Art University in Seoul, South Korea. I’ll have more updates on the tour by the end of the summer. A special thanks to the Dajeong Choi and Young Mi Seo for their work in organizing this absolutely wonderful opportunity. And yes, that’s the same photo ...

April 2010

The Intermedia Performance Art course has been an absolute joy. This month, we’ve had our first ever class performance entitled “Event”. It was a night of amazing collaborations between composers, musicians, dancers, filmmakers, digital artists, and countless other talents. A special thank you to all who attended!

In collaboration with composer Kris Peysen and artist Trey Celeya, we performed our work Duæl. Bringing our individual skills to the table, we combined sculpture, music, performing arts, and other talents to make this performance a joy for all audiences. Thanks again, gentlemen!

Might I also direct you to the course website:


Here you’ll find the class web page meant for all manner of documentation about our individual projects performed at “Event”. Under the “Groups” section, you’ll find pages of each team and their own performance that was showcased. You can look up the page for Duæl to see photos, video, and documentation. I’ll also have that information in my “Film Scores and Collaborations” section soon.

March 2010

I’ve spent this past semester getting acquainted with various intermedia collaboration projects. See the “Film Scores and Collaborations” section for video and footage from some of my new projects.

In March, I had the pleasure of working with students from Texas Woman’s University for their annual Arts Triangle Walking Tour. Teamed with students in photography and dance, we presented an installation designed around my piece Strange Frequencies. A special thanks to all those who made that project possible!

UNT’s Intermedia Performance Art Course has also been a great learning experience. Last month I performed the work Propaganza! in collaboration with film students Peter Kusek and Jacob Lange. We endeavored to get the most out of the performance space, the Merrill Ellis Intermedia Theater, and I loved the resources available to us. I’ll have a clip of that in the new section shortly, but for now you can hear the audio component in the “Selected Works” section.

December 2009

I’ve wrapped up a few student film projects. I’m currently in the final stages of collaboration with UNT student Mario Sosa on his film “Chasing the Horizon”. With some more footage and a few edits, the final product should come along quite nicely.

I’ve also wrapped up work on another film, “Initiation” directed by UNT student Jeffrey Coombes and filmed by Lindsay Jones. Once the final touches are in place, I’ll work with the film makers to see if I can share some samples of the finished product.

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